The 2013 Season at "The Realm" - Michigan’s only ‘REAL’ Haunted House

2012 has been another year of major changes for Denise and her crew at The Realm Of Darkness.



In the final week of the 2010 season, talk continued of some strange occurrences inside the house. Some centered on things happening before the house opened, while the house was running, and especially after the house closed. To be honest and forthright with our fans, these reports began more three years ago, specifically with a 40’s or 50’s era phone booth that would ring in the middle of the night. (No it wasn't plugged in, there is, in fact, NO wiring anywhere ON the booth! And it is stored in a prop area with no power to the room.)

Actors along with patrons had issues in 3 VERY specific rooms. Actors started seeing some unexplained things, hearing voices and noises, items being moved from where they were originally placed. Books were being re-stacked, some props were being physically moved from one side of the room to the other, and there were clocks that seemed to be…..pulsing.

Most of this sounds like a fantastical creation of a promotional genius, except that it was too late in the season to actually put it to good use. That doesn't mean we were waiting until the 2009 season to investigate. Ironically, we got a call from the Michigan Investigators of Supernatural Theory, or M.I.S.T.. They called and offered to help with an investigation. After a four hour visit, Nick Garcia and Adam Taylor of MIST decided they definitely wanted more time, but more importantly they actually had something on digital audio! A second investigation revealed even more including something shocking

Being skeptical about EVERYTHING going on, we decided further investigation was needed. The decision was to bring in an independent group to search for answers. Paranormal investigators from Southwest Michigan were called in on two occasions; mid December, and early January. Both times the paranormal investigators were AMAZED at what happened, one of them was even physically attacked! But it was a message another of them got on the trip in, that made a BOLD prediction that came true

Both the MIST and the S.W. Michigan investigation results are available by contacting the number below. An e-mail will contain links for you to see specifics. Be prepared the interviews and results MAY send a chill down your spine. All of the investigators will return any phone call to you regarding their investigations by calling and setting up interviews at 1-248-338-0029.

To alleviate any speculation by ANY doubters, we will also fill any request to do YOUR OWN investigation any day or night we are not in operation. Only professional investigators and paranormal teams will be allowed to investigate AFTER a performance.

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